14 jun. 2007

Discografia Sopor


album: "Sopor Aeternus" (1993)

Birth - Fiendish Figuration
Tanz Der Grausamkeit
Time Stand Still
Do You Know My Name?

album: "Todeswunsch" (1995)

Flesh Crucifix
Die Bruderschaft Des Schmerzes
Shadowsphere (II)
Saltatio Crudelitatis (Der Tanz Der Grausamkeit)
Soror Sui Excidium
The Devil's Instrument
Drama Der Geschlechtslosigkeit
Somnambulist's Secret Bardo-Life
Not Dead But Dying
Only The Dead In The Mist
This Profane Finality
Cage Within A Cage...

album: "Ehieh Ascher Ehieh" (1995)

Anima (I & II)
Shadowsphere (II)
Saltatio Crudelitatis (E Tanz Der Grausamkeit)

album: "The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller" (1997)

To A Loyal Friend
The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller
Memories Are Haunted Places
May I Kiss Your Wound?

album: "Voyager - The Jugglers of Jusa" (1997)

The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller: A Fragment (2)
Ein Freundliches Wort Hat Meine Seele Berührt (Defined & Fragile)
Memalon (2)
Alone (- The Innocence Of Devils) 1
Modela Est
Feralia Gentiatalia (Arrival Of The Jugglers)
Saturn-Impressionen (Jusa, Jusa)
May I Kiss Your Wound? (Saturn : Orion)
Alone (- The Innocence Of Devils) 2
The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller: A Fragment

album: "Ich Töte Mich Jedesmal Aufs Neue..." (1999)

Travel on Breath (The Breath Of The World)
Falling Into Different Flesh
Birth-Fiendish Figuration
Tanz Der Grausamkeit
Im Garten Des Nichts (A Secret Light In The Garden Of My Void)
Time Stands Still... (...But Stops For No-One)
Do you know my Name? (Falling ...- reprise)
Penance & Pain
Holy Water Moonlight
Beautiful Thorn
The Feast of Blood
Dark Delight(s)
Birth-Fiendish Figuration (Demo Version)

album: "Dead Lovers' Sarabande - Face One" (1999)

Across The Bridge
On Satur(n)days We Used To Sleep
Hades "Pluton"
Sieh', Mein Geliebter, Hier Hab' Ich Gift
Ich Wollte Hianus In Den Garten
Gebt: An Die Glìcklichen Eroberer
Lament / Totenklage
The Sleeper
Die Knochenblume
Inschrift / Epitaph
All Good Things Are Eleven

album: "Dead Lovers' Sarabande - Face Two" (1999)

The Dog Burial
The House Is Empty Now
No-one Is There
Procession / Funeral March
Va(r)nitas, Vanitas... (...Omnia Vanitas)
The Hourglass
Has He Come To Test Me?
If Loneliness Was All

album: "Songs From The Inverted Womb" (2000)

Something Wicked This Way Comes...
Tales From The Inverted Womb
Do You Know About The Water Of Life?
...And Bringer Of Sadness
Totes Kind / Little Dead Boy
May I Kiss Your Wound?
Saturn Devouring His Children
There Was A Country By The Sea
Little Velveteen Knight

album: "Es Reiten Die Toten So Schnell" (2003)

Omen Sinistrum
Dead Souls
Stake Of My Soul
Beautiful Thorn
The Feast Of Blood
Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est
The Dreadful Mirror
Birth - Fiendish Figuration
Penance & Pain
Holy Water Moonlight
Über Den Fluss
Dark Delight

album: "La Chambre D'Echo" (2004)

The Encoded Cloister
Backbone Practise
Idleness & Consequence
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
Hearse-shaped Basins Of Darkest Matter
Interlude - The Quiet Earth
We Have A Dog To Exercise
The Lion's Promise
Leeches & Deception
The Skeletal Garden
Feed The Birds
Consolatrix Has Left The Building
Day Of The Dead

album: "Les Fleurs Du Mal" (2007)

Architecture (All That's Erected Are The Walls)
Always Within The Hour
In Der Palaestra
A Little Bar Of Soap
Bitter Sweet
Our Lady Of The Broken Hearts
La Mort D'Arthur
The Simple Joys Of Maidenhood
Helvetia Sexualis
Les Fleurs Du Mal
Shave If You Love Me
Some Men Are Like Chocolate
The Virgin Queen



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